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Raclette :  a cheese with a long tradition

Raclette is one of the Swiss cheeses with the richest traditions and a perennial favourite Swiss national dish.

According to documentary evidence from monasteries in Ob- and Nidwalden, we can presume that Wilhelm Tell enjoyed «Bratchãs». This involved melting the raclette cheese over an open fire and gradually scraping the softened cheese onto a plate. The younger generations have developed their knowledge and their passion for the product. In this way, the herbs in our meadows give rise to a unique product that embodies our tradition and our culture. Raclette is therefore a genuine piece of Switzerland and only the Raclette Suisse R brand is your guarantee of natural purity, first-rate quality and product safety.

Raclette is easy to prepare and offers scope for delicious variation with select ingredients. In the summer months, when accompanied by fresh salads or crispy vegetables, raclette is transformed into a true symphony for the taste buds. By contrast, raclette served with fresh fruits and nuts provides for hearty warmth in winter. There are no bounds to the imaginative variations possible.




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