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Le Gruyère AOP, Tastiest of traditions

LE GRUYERE AOPThis delightful cheese from the French-speaking part of the country has all the flavour and refinement of a slow maturing cheese. Produced since the year 1115 in an area just outside the small town of Gruyères, this cheese is still prepared today in small village dairies according to the traditional recipe. Le Gruyère AOP owes its overall refinement and characteristic taste to the stringent quality controls which ensure that farmers supply creameries with nothing but first-class pure milk. This means that every piece of Gruyère Switzerland meets the high standards expected of a wholesome natural product.

The cows that provide the milk that will be used in the manufacture of AOP Gruyère cheese are fed, summer and winter, on natural (non-silage) fodder. Special care is taken during the milking process to ensure that the high quality of the milk is maintained.

More than 400 litres of milk are required for the mass of cheese weighing approx. 35 kilos. Each wheel of cheese takes several months to mature. During this time it is not stored dry. Instead, it is wiped over with pure salt water, which reacts on the rind to accelerate the process of maturing. This increased maturing influence originating from the rind gives Gruyère cheese its rich flavour. What better reason could there be to recommend this wholesome product from the Swiss countryside?

The AOP label guarantees the authenticity of products that are made using only traditional methods and know-how.

Manufacture of Alpine Le Gruyère AOP : Explanation Video

Download (pdf) the Gruyère technical sheet

Download (pdf) the information sheet on the production of Gruyère

The merchants of the region La Gruyère : Explanation Video

Holidays in Switzerland (pdf)? visit the cheese factory 1 et cheese factory 2




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