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Appenzeller, a cheese made with love!

Appenzeller cheese gets its name from its place of origin: the Appenzell region in Switzerland. In addition to the half-cantons of Inner and Outer Rhodes, the strictly delineated production area also includes part of the cantons on the limits of Saint-Gall and Turgovie.

Appenzeller cheese is produced with tender loving care in some 86 village cheese dairies. The milk used in these dairies comes exclusively form cows fed with hay and grasses, never with ensiled food.

In Switzerland, stringent quality controls ensure that farmers supply creameries with nothing but first-class pure milk. This means that every piece of Appenzeller meets the high standards expected of a wholesome natural product.

Appenzeller cheese is manufactured with great pride and care according to a recipe handed down for generations, in the cantons of Appenzell, where it is born and cared for up to the point of maturity.




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