Swiss cheese contains neither lactose nor gluten !

Ready-to-eat Swiss cheeses such as Le Gruyère AOP, Emmentaler AOP, Appenzeller®, Tête de Moine AOP, Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP, Sbrinz AOP, and Raclette contain no lactose; during the production process, lactose is transformed into lactic acid and other ingredients by lactic bacteria.

These cheeses are also gluten-free, as no cereal-based ingredients are used in their production.

Swiss cheese is good for your health

Swiss cheese helps your children grow

The calcium present in Swiss cheese promotes bone growth in children. The protein and vitamins also contained in these cheeses assist in the growth and maintenance of the body’s organs (muscles, bones, …). Calcium and casein also help prevent cavities !

Babies can start eating cheese at eight months’ old, and children are allowed normal portions around the age of 18 months. Here’s a trick: cut the cheese in strips, which are easier for little hands to grab.

As cheese encourages learning about new tastes and textures, its consumption integrates easily into a child’s healthy diet.

Swiss cheese an important source of energy and vitamins for our bodies

Swiss cheese contains vitamins, protein and an important source of calcium necessary to maintain the health of the body’s tissues. Lipids present in Swiss cheese are easily digested and are critical to the daily maintenance of your physical condition.

In older people, Swiss cheese can also prevent osteoporosis.

It can be consumed according to the desired amount of daily calories or nutritional contribution. It is important to vary the consumption of the different types of Swiss cheese, as each has its own specific nutritional value.




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