Can you eat the crust of the cheese raclette?

YES - The Swiss raclette cheese is delicious 100% natural. It is handmade and traditional from the best Swiss milk and free of chemical additives.

It ripens in his crust for at least 3 months.
It has a strong flavor and it's smooth.
It blends perfectly, without separation of the fat.
Swiss cheesemakers are committed to offering you a pure natural product. So you can sink your teeth into his crispy crust!

Cut Swiss cheese to better enjoy its taste

Tête de Moine AOP, pierced in the centre, is place on a maple tray called a Girolle. The circular scraper on a pivot scrapes the surface of the cheese, forming wavy, filmy chips, which have been given the pretty name rosettes.

You should never cut Sbrinz AOP ! As this is a very hard cheese, it is better to create small chunks or fragments using a chisel or the tip of a knife. Sbrinz AOP can also be grated using a cheese grater, a plane or a paring knife.

Softer cheeses such as Vacherin Fribourgeois AOC and Appenzeller® can be sliced using a knife.

Can Swiss cheese be frozen?

You would be surprised to know that it is possible to freeze soft and hard Swiss cheese for up to six months. Grate and package your Swiss cheese and store it in the freezer. However, once defrosted, it loses a bit of presence and the texture is not always pleasing in the mouth. We recommend that a defrosted piece of cheese be used either grated or in a recipe. Cheese must be consumed quickly.

How to conserve Swiss cheese ?

The original packaging is ideal for storing cheese, but you can also cover it with a clear plastic wrap once it has been opened. Once open, cheeses that were originally in sealed wrapping must be stored similarly.

Do you have to throw out Swiss cheese that has mold?

Yes, it is preferable. In contrast with the cultured mold found on certain other cheeses, mold found in a piece of Swiss cheese is undesirable. Only a specialist can determine the nature of the mold and know if it is dangerous or not; therefore it is better to throw out a piece of Swiss cheese if it is showing signs of mold.


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