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Like every year, the event was a huge success...

35% more traffic than last year!

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Use these raclette tips to create the ideal raclette party experience !

- The cheeses should be melted slowly in the grill. Overcooking gourmet cheeses effects the flavors and texture.

- Prepare roughly 7 ounces of cheese and potatoes per guest.

- In addition to potatoes, French baguette is a traditional food to serve with raclette. Have a couple types of bread available for guests to snack on before and during the meal.

- Black pepper, salt and paprika are excellent spices to serve with raclette.
- Accompanied by a
good wine your raclette party

- Something light and refreshing is perfect for dessert after the relatively heavy and flavorful raclette meal – so serve fruit and light ice cream or sherbert for dessert!





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